Pathways in the landscape

I met Tim Knowles at Chisenhale Studios in East London in the early 00s. He was exhibiting a range of work created by the collision of nature with man and manmade media. Most striking were a set of huge canvases with delicate spidery traces made by hundreds of pens swaying in the wind as they hung suspended from the strands of a large willow. 

Fifteen years on, Tim's based in the West Country. He's still exploring the traces of nature and the landscape. At the moment, he has a solo show at Hestercombe Gardens:  ‘The Dynamics of Drifting’.

And on Saturday 14 October there's the chance to participate with 40 others in creating a new piece. It will involve seeking out and recording traces of movement within the Hestercombe estate – all you will need is outdoor clothing, bags of energy and ideally a smartphone. If you happen to be anywhere near Somerset, it sounds unmissable: