How to start your garden transformation

First step: At an initial no-fee meeting, I will talk you through our design approach and how it will be tailored to your needs and your site. We'll cover the nuts-and-bolts of your brief, how you would like to use your outdoors spaces, plus any practical requirements. Above all, it's essential to get a sense of your style and preferences so that they can be reflected in the design response. 

After the meeting I will send you a summary brief with a fee proposal for you to approve. The proposal will be broken into steps, typically ranging from concept design to on-the-ground project inspection. In any event, you will not be obliged to commit to all the steps upfront.     

Newbarn Garden Design Masterplanning.jpg


For large sites, an over-arching design concept will be developed, with planting and landscape works envisaged in phases over time.

Note: this phase is not always necessary for a typical small/mid-sized garden design process.

Newbarn Garden Design Concept.jpg


This is where the typical garden design process starts in the form of an outline design with a plan, illustrative drawings (visuals) and mood boards to show suggestions for plants and hard landscaping materials.

Typically, a site survey is required to complete this stage.

Newbarn Garden Design Detailed Design.jpg


Translation of the design concept into a detailed Scope of Works which can include build-ready CAD drawings, construction & planting layout plans, precise material specifications, etc.

The Scope of Works document is thorough in order to get a true apples-for-apples comparison of proposals and to eliminate rough estimates. All of which is necessary to avoid nasty budget surprises once work starts.

Newbarn Garden Design Contractor Selection.jpg


Handling of the tender process. We have a roster of tried-and-trusted contractors of different sizes, and can work with others that meet quality criteria.

Newbarn Garden Design Project Inspection.jpg


Oversight of landscaping work by contractors, involving regular site visits and a weekly project update for all parties involved.

This role involves assessing work done and issuance of Certificate of Valuation at agreed intervals. All with a view to assuring the quality of your final garden.



From concept to specific planting plans, each with a detailed schedule of plants.

Liaison with specialist nurseries for supply. In-person selection of specimen plants. On-site control of planting.

Handy, jargon-free maintenance book, formatted season by season.

Newbarn Garden Design Garden Rejuvenation.jpg


Practical advice to re-shape an existing outdoors space.

This can involve new planting plans. Or sensitive extension of hard landscaping in tune with an existing building and its materials. Do ask about our experience of working closely with architects in this type of work.